Raise your internal energy

This exercise derives from an original pattern created by Bodhidharma.
It helps to enhance the flow of chi to the extremities.

Stand with your arms hanging down by your sides. Close your eyes and focus your attention
on your hands. Allow your arms to be relatively straight but not rigid. Remain relaxed. Keeping
your arms somewhat relaxed at the elbow,  hands open, palms facing down, raise your arms
to shoulder height in front of you as you inhale slowly. Breathe naturally as you lift your arms
and concentrate on the sensations. Breathe out as you slowly lower your arms, continuing to
concentrate. Do this several times slowly. Do not take forced deep breaths. Rather, keep your
breathing comfortable and natural.

Next, raise your arms up at your sides as you inhale, then push slowly outward and exhale gently.
Bring your arms in and repeat several times; remain as relaxed as you can be. Don't hunch your
shoulders; simply push slowly and smoothly. Raise your arms slowly over your head with your
palms facing up and breathe in. Breathe out as you push upward, then in again as you lower
your arms. Repeat several times.

Now bend your arms at the elbows, your hands in front of your chest, palms facing forward.
Then step forward with one foot into a front facing stance. Extend both arms forward, palms
flat. Retract your hands back to your chest and then let them drop slowly to your sides as you
step back to feet parallel, into a relaxed natural stance. Use the same breathing rhythm as
before: breathe out gently as you step out and push, breathe in as you retract your hands
and drop them slowly to your sides. Now step out with the other foot and push forward with
both hands as you step. Return to the natural, even stance.

Now pay attention to your body. Do you feel a warmth or tingling in your hands, palms, neck,
shoulders, or arms? Allow this feeling to spread. When you are ready, open your eyes. Do this
exercise regularly, and you will find that eventually you will develop more tingling and warmth.
This sensation is related to your internal energy.

source: Principles of Meditation p.88-90

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