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    Yoga is a systematic and ancient approach to general health and 
    well being. Yoga tones and relaxes the entire system while bringing 
    the mind and body into perfect balance. In the West, the most 
    familiar and popular Yoga practice is "Hatha Yoga", the Yoga of the 
    physical body. This is only one part of a larger system of Yoga aimed 
    toward making the body and mind pure and focused.

    I practice Yoga for health benefits and because it helps a great deal with 
    my posture during meditation. Before I started practicing yoga, I couldn't 
    meditate in full lotus position, but now, since I've started Yoga, my legs 
    are flexible enough.

    Benefits of Yoga include enhanced immune system, reduced stress,
    improved concentration, improved respiration, developed strength and 
    flexibility, and improved circulation and digestion.

      Yoga Exercises and Techniques:
      Meridian Exercises
      Yoga Posture Exercise
      Relaxation Technique
      Yoga Exercise
      Workout -