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Yoga Exercise

Start slowly and do not strain. Stop if the movement hurts. Keep breathing. As youexhale, draw your belly
toward your spine. Let your belly expand as you inhale. Stay hydrated; don't exercise on a full stomach.
Repeat this series three or four times; work up to 6 to 10 repetions. It will help your
muscles become warm and limber:
                  1. Stand with feet together, arms at sides and chest lifted. Inhale as you raise arms
                  overhead, press palms together and look up.
                  2. Exhale as you bring arms down. Bend knees to lower torso to thighs and place
                  palms on floor next to feet. Tuck head and look up toward navel.
                  3. Inhale and bend knees a bit more to lower buttocks and flatten back. Tilt head up
                  and lift chest.
                  4. Exhale and walk legs back. Make body stiff like a plank and rest lower legs on
                  floor. Bend elbows to drop body into push-up position.
                  5. Inhale, flatten feet and straighten arms, pushing torso, hips and thighs off floor.
                  Look up and lift torso. Do not sag.
                  6. Exhale; turn toes under and push buttocks up to form an inverted V with your
                  body. Feet should be aligned with hips, hands with shoulders.
                  Take 5 full breaths in this position. Walk feet in and repeat the first 3 movements in

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