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Meditation Technique
Author Unkown

For all of you who think they cannot learn how to meditate, I will teach you how to do it....and without contorting your
body into lotus positions...or chanting!

Meditation utilizes a natural "state of mind" that your brain produces. When a person is in a meditative state, the brain is
predominately producing alpha brainwaves. You produce this brainwave naturally, and many times throughout the day and
night. It's not some magical state of being that only an elite group can accomplish.

Therefore, meditation simply is the ability to bring oneself to that brainwave pattern on purpose. Quite honestly, much of the
terminology we use in metaphsysics (and hypnosis particularly) is incorrect. When we say, get into a mediative state, that's
really not quite the case. You aren't really going anywhere.

Oh, I know some people in the field may disagree with me. However, in my opinion some of jargon we use actually inhibits
some people. They believe when they are trying to meditate just don't have any feeling of going anywhere. And because they
don't, they automatically assume they haven't attained the state of meditation.

A common question from the neophyte is: `How do I know when I get there?' There isn't some alarm that goes off when you
are "in" an alpha state. People will ask, `How do I know if I'm deep enough?' Again, that's not quite right as far as terminology.
It's not being deeper. What you are trying to achieve is being less aware of outside stimuli. The point is to be focused on a few
things, going inward.

Now, if I used the term, concentrate on one thing, people might try too hard. It's really just paying less attention to what's
going on in the outside world, and thinking about "one&quotp; thing. By "one" thing I mean to focus on a topic, a mantra, an
image, a thought...whatever works for you.

Focusing on say an image (on let's pick on the ol' lotus petal) isn't some ritualistic secret. It's purpose is to make you pay less
attention to the busy outside world that's clamoring for your attention. If you are busy thinking about a lotus petal - you aren't
thinking about doing your laundry, washing the car, etc.

Now while you are doing'll tend to automatically slip into an alpha state! So, you really don't have to try so darn hard
to get there! Remember - all it is is being less concerened with lots of things, but gently concentrating on a few (or one thing(s).
In doing naturally go to alpha.

Most of you daydream, right? Well, daydreaming is an alpha state and you get there just fine! But boy....stick a term like
meditate and it becomes instantly harder! It doesn't have to be! When you started right at the edge of daydreaming you
weren't in a "deep" alpha state...but as you got into that got deeper into alpha.

The same thing is true for meditation. Just start focusing and you'll naturally go into an alpha state and you'll be there.

Okay...the next hard part for the novice. Just when you think you're in a nice meditative comes a thought,
`did I pay the phone bill this month?', `did I feed the cat?' This is also very normal for a beginner, and happens to experienced
meditators as well at times.

First of all, your brain probably isn't used to being guided when in an alpha state. It's been very used to being the executive
producer and director of your daydreams. YOU probably aren't used to directing your daydreams (after all daydreams and the
meditative state are the same brainwave pattern.) So you have a double whammy of not having discipline over your thought
processes in alpha, and your brain.....well your brain is acting like a spoiled brat!

Well, perhaps I'm being a little too harsh on your poor brain here...but the point is - this really is a normal reaction. Even people
who are very experienced in meditation can have trouble "holding" a meditative state when stressed. (and this is the very time
when it's best to work at it, as meditating is the very thing that will help alleviate stress).

Be prepared for your mind to wander. You may even fall asleep. If you are working to learn meditation to work with "active"
meditation techniques where you need to keep focused on a scripted image (i.e. positive manifestation, goal setting, etc.) it just
takes a bit of gentle discipline. When your mind wanders...just acknowledge that it has wandered and bring it back to the image
you want.

When I'm having difficulties keeping focused, I'll go as far as reasoning with my brain. If while meditating, my mind keeps
producing thoughts of "did you do this, did you do that", I'll mentally tell myself, "okay, I'll pay attention to that when I'm done.
But right now I need to take the time for this" (meditating). I will take the time for [that] in a short while. Sound like I'm
reasoning with a small child? Pretty darn close! It works...what can I tell you?

I think one of the most important things I've learned in my years of metaphysical studies is that, if it works...use it. What ever
way you find works for you, is the right way for you. There is no one and only right way.

Many disciplines or books seem to tell us that if you don't do it their way, it's not going to work or be correct. I say..."bull
do-do!!!". (G version here....) Who says so?

I certainly can meditate without contorting my body in a lotus position. Heck, I can't even do that in a wide awake state! It
works without counting down (or up) in some precise, prescribed script. Well, neither do you. Meditation is a natural human
activity, so use the techniques I give you as a guide Feel comfortable about changing things to suit you, add things, subtract
others. Make it your way...because it is.

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