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Necessary Preparations

There are certain preparations that need to be made for your trip. I highly recommend reading this section if you haven't already; some parts can be very useful and informative.

Always clean up before anything. Make sure there are no breakable items lying around on the floor, or anything someone could get hurt with. Also, if you are going to be at more than one place, plan out the sequence of events first. It is a good idea to have an alarm clock set, just in case you need to be at a certain place at a certain time. I guaratnee, you will almost always forget.


Never trip on an empty stomach-always make sure you eat something before you trip. Hunger is a bitch in innerspace, and most people don't like going through the process of eating while tripping. But try not to eat too much...just enough so that you won't be starving later on. Candy is not a problem to eat, but avoid the kind that will leave your mouth feeling sticky, such as Skittles or Sour Power.

And, since most people don't mind drinking during their trip, bottled Fruitopia is always good to have around. They taste great, and their bright and colorful appearance goes along perfect with the trip.

Trip Toys

Alot of smart people trip to make themselves smarter, and they try to avoid getting caught up in visual pleasures. What some of them don't realize is that you can still think up the most complex concepts, no matter what is going on in front of your eyes. You can enjoy the visual paradise without sitting there and thinking about how cool it looks the entire time. You're tripping. Looking at something attractive is not going to cut down on your thought process, nor your evolutionary progress. So why not make the best out of what your eyes are looking at?

Below is a list of trip toys you might want to have with you.

  • Glow Sticks
  • Glow-in-the-dark Duncan Yo-yo
  • Sony Playstation
  • Prism
  • Those needle/pin things that mold to your face or hand
  • Eye Candy-software or printed
  • Anything you can find at Spencer's


    Always have music-especially Tool-Ænima. If you don't have this album already, quit reading this and go fucking buy it right now. Listen to it as often as possible and learn to love it; It's literally the best music ever made. And you have no idea how much this C.D. will enhance your trip.

    A more elaborate description of music is described in the "Movies and Music" section.

    Memory Substitute

    Don't you just hate when you've explained the greatest theory ever to escape your mouth, and then 5 minutes later you can't remember a word of it? Or when you think of the most intelligent, most complex concepts, but Mr. Memory decides to be an asshole and steal them away from you? This is why you should always have two things with you: Paper & pen and a tape recorder. Try to remember to check the tape every now and then and change it when it runs out. You can get a cheap little recorder at Target for about ten bucks. I have a recorder and a small notebook, which is pretty convenient. Billions of thoughts still get lost, but at least you can grab a few of them this way.

    Trip Bag

    One other very important thing to have is a trip bag. Just a regular backpack can hold just about anything you need (except a Playstation), to take with you wherever you need to go. My trip bag has enough room for everything I need: C.D.'s, tapes, a couple of videos, glow-sticks, Notebook, FX-Pedal (for guitar), camera, cassette recorder, a small vile filled with candy, and a pouch on the side for a bottle of Fruitopia.